Utah APH Members

Jewel Allen
Treasured Stories
APH member since 2012

Jewel grew up in the Phillipines amidst a rich family tradition of storytelling.  She moved to Utah at 15, roomed with her mom at Utah State University, and graduated with a degree in English.  For 20 years, she's worked as a freelance journalist and writes an award-winning opinion column for the Tooele Transcript Bulletin.  She also enjoys volunteering at assisted living centers, singing and playing the guitar.  This sparked the idea of using her talents to help others, especially the elderly, preserve their treasured stories.  Jewel lives in Grantsville with her husband and three children.

John Catron
Legacy Books
APH member since 2012

John grew up in the rural northeastern Utah town of Manila, spending his youth hiking, hunting, and camping in the eastern Uintah Mountains. He attended college at Utah State University, where he met and married his wife Barbara. They now have three kids.  During school, and upon graduation, John worked in athletic media relations at USU and at the Big Sky Conference, acting as a liason between the schools, and since 2006, when he acquired Legacy Books, his team has taken family and company records and compiled them into beautiful, coffee-table quality publications.  Among his most satisfying activities is helping people record and preserve their own histories.

Kim Dixon
Eternal Bridges
APH member since 2012

Kim grew up listening to her Dad’s stories of life in the Depression and serving in World War II.  When he died at a relatively young age she realized that no one had captured them and those precious stories were lost to future generations.  She recently retired and set out to capture and publish family stories that would serve as a bridge for those to come.  Eternal Bridges was created to give families the opportunity of capturing and printing priceless stories in a personal, creative and affordable way.  These stories link families together across generations.  Kim is married and the mother of four children and ‘Meme’ of ten grandchildren. 

Karen Dupaix
Write My Personal History
APH member since 2012

Karen grew up in Portland, Oregon, hearing the inspiring tales of her pioneer ancestors from her family historian parents. She studied English and Human Development at BYU and served a mission in North Carolina. Karen is the mother of seven children and earned a Master Gardener certificate in 2003. In recent years she has published non-fiction articles in the Friend magazine (January 2012) and online for Demand Media Services. Karen has been blessed with many creative talents and is excited to use those talents to help others preserve the important lessons and stories of their lives by helping them produce quality audio CDs and books.

Elsa Jean Ewer
Timeless Heritage
APH member since 2008

In partnership with her two daughters, Elsa Jean has built a business dedicated to writing, editing and designing personal history books. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and history from Utah State University and is a former high school English and journalism teacher. As a personal historian, she combines her creative writing skills with a sincere appreciation for the everyday history of individuals.

Don Hancock
Family Heritage Publishers
APH member since 2008

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Don has three children, many grandchildren, and is happily married and living in Sandy, Utah. He has a 30-year background in bookbinding, two years of retail computer store experience, and has worked for seven years as the manager of Family Heritage Publishers. Don specializes in helping ordinary people make real books from their personal histories or family genealogy computer files. He also works closely with several professional members of the Association of Personal Historians as their printer and bookbinder. Family Heritage Publishers is a division of Utah Bookbinding Company, which has been in the family since 1952. Don’s siblings— Mark, Kevin, and Linda—are also actively involved in making many types of long-lasting books, photobooks, and albums.

Dave Homer
Homer Audio Histories
APH member since 2011

Dave was raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho and came to Utah for an education in engineering.  He worked for 30 years in project management, industrial marketing, and manufacturing. At the same time he developed his skills in interviewing and recording individuals old and young—and in every life stage and occupation. He specializes in drawing out the human emotions of life and capturing these in audio format. He creates studio quality CD volumes and also does rescue and remastering work of existing family recordings of all kinds, preserving these in a digital audio format. He has completed more than 650 CD volumes of personal history.  He has also done specialty recordings for the Utah Humanities Council, the Japanese Buddhist Temples of Utah, City of Murray, Utah, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church.  Dave serves as president of the Utah Association of Personal Historians.

Rose Marie Morrell
A Lifetime Remembered, LLC
APH member since 2007

Rose Marie Morrell is a story keeper and professional personal historian. She enjoys hearing family stories and uses her BYU business degree and her writing, editing, photo layout, and project management skills to help others preserve a priceless legacy for their families. Rose Marie is happiest when she helps others recall their memories, preserve them in a pleasing narrative, and then share the stories with their loved ones in a printed book. She also serves on the Association of Personal Historians board of directors.

Paulette F. Stevens
The Personal Historian
APH member since 2003

A graduate of the University of Utah in English and history, Paulette gained experience as a teacher and journalist before turning her interviewing and writing skills into a personal history business. As the program chairman for the 2008 Association of Personal Historians conference in Salt Lake City, she kicked off a popular series of community workshops. In 2010, she provided leadership for the establishment of the Utah Association of Personal Historians. To date, Paulette has published more than thirty-six fine personal and family history books for clients in four states. She enjoys teamwork and building skills in others.

Tom and Alison (Armstrong) Taylor
Pictures and Stories, Inc.
APH members since 2008

Tom has created numerous historical books, videos, and presentations from his interviews with hundreds of people over his career. He has headed museum exhibitions on the subject of memory and display of historical objects. He is a presenter at BYU Education Week as well as at numerous business and community gatherings. Tom is also a writer and photographer, and has been involved in digital imaging since 1991. He has a degree in economics from Utah State University and an MBA from the University of Utah. Alison has twenty years of experience as a designer, artist, and photographer. She has taught classes in digital photography, photographic preservation, and Photoshop at various venues, including UVSC (now UVU). Together, Tom and Alison create high-quality custom books, motion pictures, and digital archives for families and businesses.

Tabitha Thompson
e-mail:  tabitha(dot)writer(at)icloud.com
APH member since 2012

Tabitha has worked as a freelance writer and editor and with several magazines for a dozen years. She has had hundreds of articles and essays published in online, literary, regional, national, and international magazines. She also writes stories that bring parents and children together through song and the sharing of heirlooms. She has her master’s degree in Journalism/Literary Nonfiction, for she believes that life’s deepest truths are found in the stories that bind us.

Linda Tucker
Seasons to Remember
APH member since 2008

Throughout her life, Linda has been drawn to preserving personal histories for her family and others by recording, transcribing, and editing their memories into precious life histories. She has taught workshops about the importance of family reunions which connect the past, present, and future generations to our life story. Her projects have included photo histories for Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers, tribute books, and memory plaques. Linda serves as community outreach director for the Utah Association of Personal Historians.

Don Walton
My Selected Memories
APH member since 2008

Don is an accomplished presenter who has been in Toastmasters for more than 25 years. He has been creating video personal histories since 2004. Since retiring in 2006 from his position as chief investment officer for the State of Maryland, he has devoted more time to producing video histories and encouraging others to do their personal histories. He explains the basics of video-making in a simple and straightforward manner.  Don serves as vice-president of the Utah Association of Personal Historians.

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